A-Level Graphic Design


The role of a graphic designer is incredibly varied. You may find yourself immersed in a fantasy world while designing a set of illustrations for a book, or exploring complex data to create exciting and vibrant infographics that inform rather than confuse. 

Students at Dudley Sixth are introduced to wide range of graphic design processes and techniques. While using a range of both traditional and digital methods, they are encouraged to move beyond their comfort zones to produce  a variety of work supported by an understanding of design theory and a developing awareness of contemporary practitioners to inform and influence their ideas. 

I believe this year’s projects show the variety and individuality of our students, producing a collection of work tailored to their interests and specialisms. The students have all pushed themselves to get the best results even when the Covid-19 pandemic threw obstacles at them and this is clearly visible in the end outcomes.

In their second year, students begin to develop their own visual identity while becoming increasingly self-directed and independent. This enables them to create a set of work that has both a personal connection but a wider understanding of the subject area. This could be an advertising campaign, design work for a clothing website or a set of illustrations for an album sleeve or book. Throughout the year, students will be pushed to try new approaches and consolidate the skills they have learned in their first year to produce strong, challenging and professionally-produced designs. I believe you will see all of these qualities in this year’s second year work. I hope you enjoy it. 

Chris Worley, A-Level Graphics Tutor, Dudley Sixth 

Joshua Rollinson-Dainty