Anna Peters: Gallery


Paradise Eleven CD Cover Art

This project involved creating a brand identity and graphics for an upcoming band called ‘Paradise Eleven’. During this project, I created a logo, the front and the back of an album cover, and a poster advertising its new release. The band I was creating for made music in the style of 60s rock and roll, and so I took inspiration from famous 60s art of the time – taking inspiration from artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Wes Wilson. The band wished for a piece that portrays the unique nature of their music, standing out from the crowd of modern music and using the nostalgia of the 60s as a selling point for older individuals. I explored popular art styles in the 60s such as psychedelia, pop art and op art, with most inspiration from psychedelia. Overall, these pieces were made to appeal to both a younger, hipster audience, and an older audience who may have nostalgia for retro styles of music.