Rupinder Kaur: Gallery


God’s Wrath Game Graphics

This project is a game targeted at ages six and above. In this project, I created the characters, the logo, and the cover. Each component was created with the target audience in mind hence, the colours are vibrant with bold outlines.

To gain inspiration, I looked at a series of artists and existing covers hence, these aspects are visible in the final outcomes of the project. Moreover, I focused on creating less realistic designs to ensure the aspects were unforgettable.

The characters in the game are existing gods from the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian culture which, all have their own weapons and outfits. Hence, I had a starting point when creating them.

The logo was roughly based off an astrolabe which plays a large role in the game. However, I had to alter it to appeal to my target audience therefore, it possesses more vibrant colours.

In conclusion, the project was successful as, the designs would be attractive to my target audience.