Will Powell: Graphic Design Gallery


Graphics for Halfpenny Green Vineyard

As part of my project, I created a range of graphics for a local vineyard, the Halfpenny Green Vineyard and Wine Estate. These graphics included a brand-new modern logo, a set of labels for 3 flavours of wine, Solaris, English Rose and Penny red, as well as complementary wine boxes which would keep each of the bottles safe and secure. The final pieces I designed were ‘Thank you’ Business cards, tailored for the flavour of wine purchased, following the luxurious Morales of the brand. The Vineyards landscape is a large selling point of the business, so this was an element which I chose to focus my designs around, creating a range of beautiful illustrations in the minimalistic form of art, geometric art, inspired by artist Elyse Dodge a style which would make up the identity of the brand.