Daisy Hill: Graphic Design Gallery


Fiesta Do Café

My project, ‘Fiesta Do Café’, has been successful overall in conveying the idea of Brazil’s Carnival, and the excitement of it. My intentions were to present the liveliness and culture of the festival through bright designs that represent this idea, and I feel that the feathers were successful in doing this, as they not only remind us of costume feathers, but also the feathers of birds, and so they are relevant to multiple Brazilian cultures, and my feather styles have varied, which added interest to my project. Colour has been one of the main successful elements in my project; the combination of both bright and earthier, darker colours enabled me to produce vibrant but professional designs throughout the entirety of my brand. Blue became my key brand identity colour, used within my posters and app also; I found this to be the most friendly and welcoming, tropical-looking, and the most eye-catching also.