Nuria Rowley: Gallery


Corporate Identity for Pitstop Diner

My Project was to create a corporate identity for a branch of Diner. I was inspired by modern Diner’s based on 1950’s aesthetics such as Ed’s Diner, Five guys and OK diner. To create accurate graphics for the diner in depth research into these branches and into the period of the 1950’s had to be done, this included looking into processes that were often used to create menus, logos and overhead boards. Throughout the project, I stuck as close to my intentions from the beginning as I could, creating a Logo, menu and Overhead board for a diner called “Pitstop”, a 1950’s inspired diner with a theme of racing/cars, by using a white walled wheel in the logo (a popular wheel used in the 50s) and including the front of a Cadillac in the menu. Overall, I was able to accurately create components that suit the 1950s theme and create a Diner that would be appealing to a wide variety of customers.