Richard Paul Calvert: Best Six Images


Watch Richard’s Time-Lapse Video, Lockdown Lawn – the Unfinished Garden

Still Life and Portraits in Black and White

I have drawn my inspiration for my six images from various genres of photography. I love black and white images both portraits and still life. My still life images were inspired by Maurice Bromfield. Maurice’s images of industrial Britain inspired my images of the bearings that I have taken. Selling these products is my day job and I sell hundreds a day but have never taken the time to photograph them.

The Maurice Broomfield ‘Timken’s’ shot of a massive bearing being inspected (see below) inspired these images.In my part time I am a Wedding Photographer so really enjoy photographing people, so my other images are all based on my love for taking shots of people. I especially love black and white portraits. I enjoyed working with ‘Candy’ (Maurice) and although he was very colourful and vibrant I thought the pictures of him worked very well in black and white.

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