A-Level Fine Art 2022


In a usual year, A-Level fine art students would have the opportunity to complete two projects over the duration of year two – one self-set, the other selected from externally-set topics released by the exam board and whose final outcome would be produced during an exam. These would normally form a 60/40 split.

This year, the students have been completing one project for the whole year. The pieces of work you see here are the results of a very difficult year, both academically and generally. The results are a real testament to my students’ resilience, willingness to engage with online learning and the sheer determination of every single one of them. They should be extremely proud of their achievements – as am I – and I wish them all the luck for the future.

Gillian Worley, A-Level Fine Art Tutor, Dudley Sixth

British Art Show 9 Wolverhampton

Kiah Anighoro-Knight

Kiera Ryder-Richardson