Daisy Ford Gallery 2022


In this project I explored what it is like living on the everchanging coasts of Britain and how people have adapted over the years. I wanted to investigate how the characteristics of coasts around the UK have been shaped by their history and how these traditional aspects of coastal living have been sustained throughout centuries of change.

I am going to reflect on how much technology has really shaped the way of life and whether traditional aspects are still essential in keeping the atmosphere of coastal towns. The main materials that I have used in my project are oil paints and wax crayons, this decision was informed by looking at how materials and traditions have remained through thousands of years in coastal living, these materials reflect the hard-wearing nature of the coast.

Wax and oil are water resistant which reflects the strength and reliability of boats and other materials that are vital in the running of coastal towns. The hard work of people and the equipment is what keeps the traditions alive.