Zoe Flavell: Gallery


Digbeth Graffiti

For my personal investigation I decided to gain my inspiration from Digbeth in Birmingham. My project was based around the bold graffiti found on the walls. I found that experimenting with the embellisher complimented this project perfectly as it enhanced the nature of graffiti as it looked like sprays from a spray can. I also explored bold lettering, hand stich and machine embroidery to conduct my final piece. Positive words and phrases really inspired me through my project, due to such uncertain times in the world due to coronavirus I thought spreading positive messages for people to see on things such as their daily walks was beneficial to the indefinite times, we are living in. Clouds became the dominant theme from my original photographs to spread the well-being quotes in the local area. I then began to turn this into a garment of a dress to allow it to be showcased on the runway for people to see. The clouds became detachable form the piece to be able to place them in other places to be available for as many people to see as possible. To spread the message even more I also decided to make my own Instagram page to allow my work to be shared as much as possible.