Will Edwards: Gallery


Fast Food

My project evolved into work based on fast food, its aggressive marketing and the results of these ending up in the appearance of excess body fat. I looked at the packaging of fast-food items and started to manipulate them in different ways, gravitating towards the heat-based samples that shrunk and bubbled plastic materials like crisp packets. I used hand stitch work to add words onto these samples, words like EAT and CONSUME that reflect the immoral aims of food marketing. 

I used tights, stuffing and rubber bands to create these 3d pieces that I intended to replicate to look of body fat, I used heat transfer techniques to put red lines onto the fabric that mirror the blood vessels in body fat, and then stitched into the largest sample with the text work. With these 3d pieces I also produced two masks constructed from the heated plastic and the stitched text-work, the focus being around the mouth area was intentional as the project is based around food consumption.