Tanvir Dhillon Kaur Textiles 2022


This project pivots around the abstract expression of existentialism. Exploring the concept that perhaps “existence is the problem of existence”, we are nothing other than what we make of ourselves. 

I interpreted existence in this project to essentially be awareness, “existence” being the awareness.

With awareness there comes thoughts which conceivably can be said to be the response one has to the reality they find themselves in.

But what if the reality one might find themselves in becomes one’s “identity”, rather than one’s own thoughts and view of themselves?

I physically depict the struggle of coming to terms with the notion that we might only truly exist within those who are aware of our existence. Thus, self-perception this “identity” idea, at a constant threat of becoming defined by what others think of us instead of what we comply to think of ourselves. Do we conform to the labels we were born with, or try to defy them, what happens when we choose the latter option?

Is our ability to think detached from context, be it the labels society has made to identify us, the stereotypes surrounding those, our misunderstandings, restraining us from true unreserved understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

I depict these human limitations, these existential questions, by symbolising the part of ourselves that allows for thought itself, the neural system, alongside “chains of thought” trapping us.