Stephanie Cleaver: Fine Art Gallery


Project Title: Architecture in Colour

In my project, I explored how colour has an impact on how different types of architecture. For example, using two contrasting styles of architecture such as Christian and Victorian styles allowed me to experiment with different materials.

When looking at Christian style architecture, I was influenced by artists such as John Piper where I looked at similar colour schemes. I used mediums like fine liner and biro. However, for the Victorian style, I was inspired by Michael Goro and John Atkinson Grimshaw. Mediums like charcoal, ink and printing allowed me to convey this style in my work. This supported the development of my project looking at how colour can have an impact on how architecture can be perceived.

A defining point in my project was the introduction of dry-point etching which influenced a major part of my project. I went onto create a3 pieces using this technique incorporating colour schemes that reflect the different types of architecture.