Spencer Shuttleworth Graphics 2022


Wry Manor Game Concept

Wry Manor is an upcoming Indie game that will be exclusively released to PC and Xbox One. The independent production of games is increasing as artists and programmers have the ability to create them with more creative freedom. With gaming platforms such as Steam and GameJolt being used to market peoples’ own Indie games, the game making industry’s restrictions are declining and making and distributing games are easier than before.

This creative freedom allows for niche topics and styles to be included that may be uncommon to see in mainstream games. Within the art community, RPGs and psychological horrors are growing increasingly popular with games such as Sally Face and Undertale having millions of fans, and a large fanbase of artists on social media sites such as tumblr and twitter. Most of these games also have more of a narrative and illustrative style of gameplay and focus more on storytelling than a game with ‘win conditions’.

Wry Manor is a narrative-style horror RPG that focuses more on illustrations and animations to follow along a storyline, rather than complicated gameplay that takes time to learn to exceed at. This makes the game accessible to audiences that may appreciate this style, and welcome players of all gaming experience. The initial age rating of this game is 12 and above as games with cartoon violence and disturbing imagery are required to have this rating, and the game would be released around October / Halloween time as the game is set in the autumn season, and more horror content is popular around this time of year.