Sherrice Harris Gallery 2022


For my FMP I wanted to further explore clothing shapes and inventive silhouettes that I touched on with a previous project. I found it interesting that clothing could take whatever extreme shape and form you wanted. The idea was to distort and reimagine how the human body is represented to the world.​ Images on Instagram and social media have been edited so much that the public have begun to think that polished looks and slim bodies are the perfect ideal, this in turn has affected people’s confidence on how they see themselves and especially if they are overweight of have any form of disability. ​ 

For my FMP I wanted to look at this topic of deformity and body issues and attempted to turn what is considered ugly into something beautiful. My purpose on doing this topic was to push personal boundaries and do unusual things that wouldn’t be seen as beautiful but also question what is beautiful how can we label if someone is beautiful off what their body looks like.

Further research into understanding the theme of Comme des Garcons Lumps and bumps collection was a starting point as well as textile artist Daisy May Collingridge and fine artist Jenny Saville who all look at enlarged bodies within their work but presented it in a positive way. I visually communicated this idea with my own work by creating looks that were exaggerated and experimented with body parts by distorting and enlarging them.