Samoya Thomas Graphics 2022


Perfection Interiors Brand Concept

Perfection Interiors is an interior architecture and design company that has given me the mission to create them a new brand identity for their company which will soon be opening in the well-known city, Birmingham. With Perfection Interiors being placed in this location, hopefully there will be a high chance of the company getting noticed quickly by potential clients.

Perfection Interiors is a company that is known for their interior designing skills and architectural skills where they are involved in the design or renovation of an interior space which includes structural, alterations, furnishing, fixture and fitting, lighting, and colour scheme. This company works in a range of commercial, leisure and domestic settings. This company also focuses on providing variety of sketches when working alongside clients so that the client can have a visual idea of how the interior space will look like before any action is made so then alterations can also be made.