Rudy Spicer-Neal Gallery 2022


For my own work, I opted to investigate the theme of ‘Decay’, I chose this theme as I felt that it would allow me to excel in areas that I fell back on during the last project such as surface and design exploration. I felt that undertaking the idea of decay would allow me to look widely at the different ways of approaching drawings and specialist practical experiments.​ 

Using primary and secondary research I wanted to see how I could create abstract and unusual silhouettes for a collection of designs inspired by my investigations into decay. Initial drawing and experimentation using a range of media and materials was key for me to visually evolve with the work naturally and to provide me with artwork that I could get inspiration from.

I wanted my work to be much more challenging than I was used to, so I looked at other contemporary designers such as Jacob Olmedo, Hussein Chalayan and Roger Hiorns to inform me with my own design work, as these designers explore the relationship between shapes and the human body. Through research and in-depth practical work, I created a collection of outcomes that were for either men or women but became more gender neutral which I was happy about.