Rajandeep Jhamat Gallery 2022


For my FMP project I wanted to investigate the idea of looking at automobiles and everything that surrounds them. I wanted to approach this theme with the intention of not just sticking to just the idea of current transport vehicles but also the different types of art styles that comes out of the idea of automobiles from various types of concept arts such as retrofuturism and look back at the history of automobiles. ​

My aim for the project was to stretch the way I did my design work and pattern cutting and investigate how to push my understanding of concepts, much like the work of fashion designers Hussein Chalayan and Craig Green. In terms of audience, I did not want my work to be limited by age but a consumer that was unafraid to be experimental with their clothing choices. 

Ideally, I want to stick more to the side of menswear but investigated womenswear also so that I understood how to design for the wider market. I liked to see if I could design from a more commercial angle with this project rather than Avant Garde or abstract as I wanted to give myself more design opportunities in terms of wearable clothes rather than the statement pieces which I have produced before.