Production Arts 2024


Unleash Your Creativity: Production Arts at Dudley College of Technology

Bring your imagination to life on our exciting Production Arts course! Develop the skills to thrive in the fast-paced world of film, television, and theatre.

This hands-on program provides a comprehensive foundation in:

Special Effects Makeup: Master techniques like prosthetics, body casting, and performance makeup.
Set Design & Construction: Learn to create stunning and functional theatrical environments.
Costume Design & Construction: Craft captivating costumes that bring characters to life.

From Concept to Curtain Call: The Scarlet Oak Project

Students had the incredible opportunity to work alongside professional puppeteers, developing and creating a series of short puppet shows based on classic fairy tales.

They dove deep into the creative process, participating in:

> Initial Design Stages: Brainstorming concepts, sketching character and set designs.
> Construction: Building puppets, sets, and props.
> Performance: Bringing the final productions to life.

This unique project allowed students to:

> Develop their technical skills in a practical setting.
> Gain experience in collaborative teamwork.
> Learn from industry professionals.

Are you passionate about bringing stories to life? Our Production Arts course is the perfect launchpad for your creative career.

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Luke Orchard and Jo Davis, Production Arts tutors

Puppet Workshops With The Scarlet Oak Theatre

Wolf and Crane

Gingerbread Man

Fairy and Frogs