Olivia Rhoden Best Six Images


Take Pride in Nature

For my creative independence project, I’m focusing on the beauty within nature. I chose this as my final project because I believe the beauty and appreciation towards nature has diminished. I don’t feel like people appreciate nature anymore and don’t exactly realise that nature is a positive and life enhancing. People brush off nature and don’t realise how lucky we are for it; not many people really discuss how significant nature is and the beauty within it.

Nature is rarely talked about in our towns and cities and deserves more appreciation. I also feel that people, rather than enjoying nature, decide to disrespect it and are contributing towards destroying the earth and not helping the environment, become a better place for us all to live. Not only that but we’re harming animals’ habitats by not taking care of the natural environment’s we live in.

So, my aim behind this project is to make people more aware and realise the genuine beauty in nature. To try to come together as a community and re- appreciate the world that we live in, rather than constantly destroying it. Taking pride in nature, the natural environment, and the animals would promote more mutual respect towards ourselves and the green spaces around us.

My main inspiration in terms of nature were from the naturalist, broadcaster and activist David Attenborough. His relentless pursuit of raising awareness of our natural world helps us all to reconsider our choices. I’m going to achieve all this by taking a camera out a possible tripod, setting up and correcting each different settings and getting good shots, also changing my location on where to shoot to get different kinds of images.