Noah Firkin: Best Six Images


Project Title: Cinematic Urban and Rural Landscapes

For this project, I decided to take most of my inspiration from famous film directors, such as Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and the lesser known, yet equally talented, Terrence Malick. In terms of content, I tried to include topics that I take interest in, such as cars, architecture and the more vibrant side of nature, so that I can look back on this project and feel a sense of connection.
I decided to choose the particular artists and directors I found, as their work is the type of content that I also have a personal interest in, such as peculiar architecture and interesting colour usage in artwork, Furthermore, as these interest were portrayed in film, another one of my intensive interests, I was more likely to see them.
As a creator, I also aimed to distance my images from those that inspired me, as I feel that uniqueness in a project is imperative.