Naiya Patel Graphics 2022


Twisted Boba Branding

In this project I have designed and produced a set of graphics and designs for a company called Twisted Boba. Twisted Boba is a new company that wants to bring a bright and colourful atmosphere to the streets of London as they bring Bubble Tea to a global audience.

Twisted Boba is reinventing Bubble Tea with new and exciting flavours that have inspired the designs and branded that I have created to promote their products. These designs include producing the logo with has been created with circles and negative space to achieve the look to appear to make up to be a Bubble Tea cup. The overall logo will help to bring to life the ideas from Twisted Boba with bright and bold colours to attract an audience of all ages.

This logo will be used as the main form to be on the Bubble Tea cup along with a different design to be placed on the top of the lid that can be pierced with a straw. I have taken inspiration from being ‘twisted’ and different to the usual branding for Bubble Tea companies, and therefore created designs for the packaging to include circles from the original logo as well as acrylic fluid art inspired designs for the overall packaging of the boba, tea and syrup labels.

All the packaging labels will be used for products that will be sold and then received by the customer in the custom designed shipping box that follows the colours of Twisted Boba. I have used digital techniques to create the graphics for the designs so that there is a high quality for printing to be used on the Twisted Boba products as well as giving the designs scalability.