Marni Parkes Best Six Images


My theme for my Creative Independent project is - Double exposure. I have chosen this theme for my project as I want to portray and demonstrate to my audience how the outdoors and nature has an amazing impact on both yourself and your mental health by detoxing and relaxing your mind. By using the double exposure effect on my images, it allows me to connect two images, creating a surreal effect.

I have used the skills and techniques I learnt whilst using Photoshop, where I can adjust my images to fit my needs and purpose for my work. I am communicating a message to get out into the outdoors and look at what’s around us, local to you and near home. I would like to encourage the audience to be outdoors more, surrounded by nature. Nature is good for our mental health. Green spaces reduce stress and anxiety.  

 My work is particularly inspired by Muhammed Faread, who combined portraiture and landscape together by showing that your mind can feel free when out in the open fresh air. Another artist my work is inspired by is Christoffer Relander, who combined still-life objects and landscape together by showing that nature is kept closed in, and away, and that not many people are able to appreciate the beautiful views we are surrounded by.  My landscape images portray how nature is often kept hidden, whereas the overlaid portraiture implies how your body becomes free when outdoors in nature.