Maria Naeem: Best Six Images


Advertising and Make-up Concepts

My original plan was to photograph still life objects to make them appear commissioned and then utilise them in commercials because this was such a broad topic, I began by looking at glass objects. Despite the fact that I began with perfume, I rapidly moved on to other things. My work with glass drink bottles has evolved as a result of this. I was able to exert more control such as composition, and lighting techniques as a result of this. Above aesthetic designs, the ability to light through the clear bottle is the most important.

This allowed me to have more control over artistic designs, the ability to see through the clear bottles and liquid is the most important feature. I was trying to figure out how professional photographers made product photos, I researched photographers which prompted me to try things I’d never tried before. Spraying liquid on products is an example. These items are intended to be used in magazines and blogs. I wanted my photographs to reflect this beauty that can be seen in the backgrounds. I was trying to understand how professional photographers created their product shots, which led me to experimenting with ways I never thought work such as spraying liquid on products. These objects are meant to be perfection and I wanted this to show in my images.

I produced a concept board for the Freddy Krueger makeup using photographs of the original makeup from the film as well as photographs of people who have cosplayed the appearance. I made a mental note of where the sunken regions were and used red eyeshadow to map them out on the models face. I used Aertex, which comes in two jars, one labelled part A and the other labelled part B. These have to be combined in equal parts. To activate the makeup, they had to be blended in equal parts. I applied the makeup with a spatula and sculpted it around the appropriate regions. I used a cream colour wheel to colour the appearance and painted the model’s hair to disguise the few portions that were visible. The costume is now complete. This all was about how I create the makeup and scene. I choose a horror and fashion theme  for this project.