Maisie Taylor: Artsfest 2021 Gallery


A Tour of the Black Country

During my time at college, I have completed a number of projects ranging in different themes and technical skills. For my FMP project, I decided to photograph key locations and landmarks around the Black Country. It became clear that whilst I was photographing the key destinations that are popular with both tourists and locals, this project will be important for capturing the Black Country during a socially and financially difficult time. This year’s project reflects the domino effect of the pandemic on Dudley’s attractions. I think along with everyone else, I didn’t expect the pandemic to go on for this long, so I thought I’d make the most of documenting such an isolating and surreal time. Therefore, I have created a collection of monochrome photographs in the hope of proudly showcasing the heart of the Black Country, whilst also showing how the world we are so used to, has been paused and changed indefinitely.