Maisie Hill: Artsfest 2021 Gallery



My project ‘Divided’ aims to confront notions of mental health disorders specif ically those such as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). The mental health disorders are characterised by two or more distinct personalities living with in one body. This disorder is usually diagnosed when people have previously experienced traumas in their life. The disorder is commonly accompanied by memory gaps in which the host doesn’t realise they are living as another persona. When experiencing this it can 

confuse the host. This confusion is what I wanted to communicate in this display. The work that I have created shows a variety of di erent faces that have been collaged to make one unique piece. Even my work is compiled using a variety of di erent subjects. It represents how there is multiple personalities in one body. The aim is to confuse the viewer, which directly relates to how someone who su ers from this disorder may feel. The deadpan style of portraiture creates a photographic identity similar to those used in passports and for driver’s licences.