Mahnoor Choudary Graphics 2022


Structural Designs

This project is about a company ‘Structural Designs’ who are an architecture firm opening in the West Midlands, Birmingham. The company itself, specialises in both residential and commercial architecture as well as restorations and even shows the client the design on VR so that the client can experience the design to see how it would look like when created.

I have been allocated the design work for their brand and they have given me the task of creating a brand identity for them, in which they requested that I create for them a logo, a business card, a letterhead and an envelope for the letterhead, and a brand style guideline. 

The company wants me to create this brand identity for them that makes them comes across as sophisticated and modern like throughout all the pieces I produce. They also want me to hold this high standard throughout my work and to depict them with professionalism and sophistication as well as holding them with good quality.