Level 3 TV and Film Yr1


Students have been engaged in the production of media content for skills development in Script Writing, Cinematography and Video Editing. They have researched, planned and produced videos for various projects, including exploring a narrative theme, The Box and TV advert production for Sony products. Students also explored the theme of ‘Identity’ where they drew upon how they feel about their own image, their ethnicity, their social groupings and their personal tastes. They then planned and produced a series of short films based on this. 

The standard of work has been excellent, with students adapting to the restrictions presented by lockdown with limited access to locations and actors, and team work being adversely affected. However, all students have proved themselves to be able to work independently and use their initiative in making good out of a difficult situation.  

The work produced this year shows genuine creativity and imaginative uses of available resources.

Stuart McConnell, media tutor

Rhys Atkinson: Sony Advert

Rhys Atkinson: Cinematography

Molly Baynham: The Box Project

Freddie Bowerman: The Good, The Bad, The Bucket. No Other Comment

Tom Duffill: The Box Project

Alannah Guest & Sabrina Hoxha: Smile

Kacey Howell: Smile

Jack Norton: Sony Advert

Mia O’Farrell: Short Film

Harvey Taylor: Thriller Opening