Level 3 TV and Film 2023


Students have been engaged in the production of media content for skills development in Script Writing, Cinematography and Video Editing. They have researched, planned and produced videos for various projects, including exploring narrative themes and TV studio multi-camera productions. Students also undertook productions exploring emerging technologies in live web streaming.

The standard of work has been excellent, with students researching, writing and producing final project work including short film, music video and documentary. Productions have benefitted from students having access to TV studio facilities to enable advanced uses of lighting and cinematography.

The work produced this year shows genuine creativity and imaginative uses of industry standard resources.

Stuart McConnell, Lecturer in Media


The ‘I Don’t Know’ Show – Live Audio Stream

WEAKFINAL – Damien Hayward Astro and Willmoth


Coree Connup – In Loving Memory

Natasha Darby and Coree Connup – Any Way Out

Natasha Darby – The Letter

Natasha Darby – Typecast

Flynn Hobley – Community Through Crisis

Jacob Jones – The Pursuit (70s TV Version)

Nyall Fairclough Mcintosh, Lacky Rana and Beth Wyld – Confessions of my End

Niall Fairclough Mcintosh – Mellow

Joseph McLeod – Our Hometown

Lacky Rana – When U Come Around

James Shinton – The Trials & Tribulations of a Cake Maker

James Shinton and Mitchell Summers – Lucky People, Waterparks

Mitchell Summers – The Anticipation Project

Bethany Wyld – Lily