Level 3 Music Performance


Generation Rewind

2020 has been a strange year where many things have been cancelled; concerts, music events and valuable times that we would have spent with our family and friends. As a result, the Arts have been affected. As music students, due to Covid-19, we have been unable to perform any gigs this year. So, we wanted to work through 2021 with a bang! 

We organised and put on a Live Streamed Music Performance where the set list represented life as a teen in Britain. The good times, the bad times and the little bits in between. The entire repertoire contains songs that were in the charts in Britain and were songs popular amongst teenagers. The gig took place on Wednesday 28th April, and we named the event ‘Generation Rewind’.  

We decided to raise money for a local charity called ‘Make Some Noise’ which is based in the West Midlands as their mission objective is to inspire young people and be a catalyst for positive change. They were established in 2001 and have been local communities ever since. In order to raise money for them, we created a Go Fund Me page that was linked to the live stream and all our social media posts to ensure that we raise as much money as possible for this cause. We had over 400 viewers on the night and raised £400 pound for the charity. We hope you’ll enjoy this short from the show as much as the audience did.