Lauren Slim Gallery 2022


During investigations into a theme for my FMP I was drawn to and fascinated by all the different light sources around me such as LED lights and glow in the dark materials.​ This led me to look at the works of artists who used light in their work such as Cristoforo Scorpiniti, Dan Flavin and Adela Andea as well as fashion designer Hussein Chalayan.​

Andea incorporates ropes and fibres in spherical forms that light up and create an unusual glow and brightness which I loved, whereas Chalayan has managed to successfully play with small LED lights incorporated within his garments that are able to shine and project linear lights when switched on in the dark.​

For my own work I wanted to investigate how I could work with the idea of light and colour in my fashion work. I investigated a range of fashion designers and artists who used colour and light in their work as well as looking at alternative ways to create abstract designs and silhouettes.

By exploring different sketchbook work and playing with other silhouettes I was able to take the best ideas forward into 3D shapes. I initially tried these on the mini mannequin and then to a large-scale wearable garment through trials in pattern cutting and construction techniques.​