Journey of Success: Artsfest 2022


Each year, we carefully select students from our courses to receive a ‘Journey of Success’ award for their outstanding achievements during their time with us. Here are their stories…

Watch our Students’ Journey of Success Here

The Andy Perks, Curriculum Managers’ and Assistant Principal Award Winners 2022

Also included in this video are several other awards given to outstanding students: The Andy Perks Award, The Curriculum Managers’ Award and the Assistant Principal Award. You can read more about these and see this year’s winners below:

The Andy Perks Award

Andy worked for Dudley College for over 30 years and was an integral part of the Art and Design department. He is passionate about learners , especially those who have worked hard to overcome challenges. After dedicating so much of this life to art and education, Andy is now enjoying his retirement working in his studio creating beautiful sculptures. This award is to honor the dedication that Andy has shown over 30 years at Dudley College. 

And the Winner of The Andy Perks Award 2022 is…

Elliot Kirkham

The Curriculum Managers’ Award

And the Winners of Curriculum Managers’ Awards 2022 are…

Brad Colley & Lauren Nicholson

The Assistant Principal Award

And the Winner of The Assistant Principal Award 2022 is…

Ellie Avison