Jordy Webb Best Six Images


I have selected a theme for the Benevolent Fund because I wanted to persuade more people to raise money for the charity for the injured riders over the past and present years. The genre I utilised were a mixture of my own action speedway photographs and still-life combined with my photoshop techniques to create manipulated images.

I intend to donate a selection of images to the Benevolent Fund. I made a black and white poster to inform people to come to a meeting during the Speedway season and raise money for the fund during the 10 minute interval. I used fast shutter speed, panning and split focus techniques. I have been taking still-life photographs of the model bikes and my caps to raise additional funds for the charity. I have been inspired by still life photographers Ed Fury and Edward Weston.

Weston’s body of work on Peppers, that explored shape and form, have inspired me to experiment with monochromatic visuals, for the charity. The final selection of images I am exhibiting are the best of my still life and action photographs that I took at the speedway event. One action photograph will be presented in the form of a poster for the exhibition.