John Dutton: Best Six Images


Portraits and Trios of Time Passing by

After experimenting with studio portraits and still life studio settings, some of the best individual images to arise were selected for this project. Moving in a different direction was the idea to combine images to create artistic photos depicting a theme. The title of this way of working could be termed “Trios”. The idea was to merge 3 images to create a bold historical statement. This format will be replicated to undertake further themes in the future. It is a unique way of working to combine multiple images which bring together a historical snapshot. Each image will represent historical evidence and memories. The images will stand alone but also merge to create a partial story or statement that has been lost with the passage of time. Generally, the three images which are combined will include a place (setting), a portrait (solo or group) and an artefact. The place will often be the backdrop to the key people and the artefact will be something rare and precious because of its scarcity.

This is my own concept but has been influenced by my love of history, particularly between 1876 and the 1920’s. The detailed photos taken in the “Golden age” will provide useful source material to edit thus being able to include rare images to create new artistic representations. Sepia and black and white and other tones will help to give the historical feel. There will be experimentation in both Lightroom and photoshop to create these artistic pieces.

The first two images are contrasting portraits, addressing both the philosophical and physical aspects of the human form. The ‘thinking man’ and the ‘thinking woman’. It encourages thoughts of identity.

The second two images celebrate the fashion and entertainment.

The final four images include the “TRIOS”.

The first two “TRIOS” were created using iconic artefacts and photos of Lissimore’s Mineral Waters Tividale, (long since demolished) as a reminder of a bygone age.

The third “TRIO” is a tribute to the embroidery talents of an old lady showing how life changes over time and contrasting the youthful exuberance with the difficulties that come with age. 

The final photo shows the same lady reclining, now bedbound, in time and space. (The Lady in white).