Jacob Bennett Gallery 2022


My initial concept for this project was to make a visual representation of the morality of the human psyche and behaviour, and how I could show this using uncanny visuals. I wanted to create something that would make people question it or think about why there was a blend between the human and the non-human visuals as a literal representation of how people question that in real events.

I made sure to focus my strengths on illustration and 3D work, as this gave more room for texture as well as line and shape, with each angle of the work warping the shape, playing into the uncanny. The concept and research into uncanny artists like Junji Ito and writers like Lovecraft really made me excited for the project, as these are styles of work that I have a lot of passion for.

I was really drawn to the research into phobias and psychological reasoning behind them too, as it brought my concept out more clearly with the uncanny and how something would appear surreal and unnatural.