Hannah Jones Gallery 2022


It’s a Small World

My project is called ‘It’s a small world’ and is inspired by Joel Robison. They are photoshopped images that are raising awareness to the lack of care that humans treat the planet with. 

It explores the idea that we take not only Earth for granted but also animals that you might not typically see on a day-to-day experience. If you wouldn’t expect to see these animals in these environments, then why are we treating them like that. You might just walk past an empty coffee cup in the wilderness and not think much of it, but what you don’t see is the impact of that object is. 

Photoshop was a big part of creating my images as they are not realistic. I used a large vary of tricks and skills to form the fiction I wanted. Most of the animals I used photos of, were taken in Dudley Zoological Gardens. I have worked with zoo many times before and have won a competition with them.

I have also used ‘more common’ animals like a seagull and a lamp to so its not just animals you would find in a zoo, but it’s affecting these animals more so as they live where we do. 

All I want from my images that while they are in a comedy setting, to take them seriously as well. Learn that the world needs us to act better and live more healthily, not just for us, but for them too. It’s not just our world, it’s their world too.