Georgia Gould Best Six Images


For my creative independence project, I am focusing on photographing objects that are familiar and often seen within advertisements. The reason why I have chosen this theme is because I feel you can be creative, inventive and highlight our desire to consume products.  Through this still life project, I will be showcasing a myriad of skills, techniques and processes.

What I want to communicate through my work is this sense of how advertising can control, influence and direct our own habits towards specific products, through subliminal techniques. The photographers I have been inspired by are Taryn Simpson and Andre Kertesz; the reason why these photographers have inspired me is the contrast between their work and the overall aesthetic.

I like the difference between them because they both communicate their work in a unique way. Taryn Simpson shows this idea of fragmenting politics and the government of the country through her work. Whereas Andre Kertesz uses this idea of contrast in his work, such as between black and white society, culture and politics, including mortality. Within this idea he showcases it perfectly, allowing us viewers to see the clear difference within his photographs.