Extended Art and Design: Evolve


Watch the Video of This Exhibition Filmed by Student, Rhys Atkinson

It is fair to say that Extended Diploma Art & Design has its challenges. No one could have anticipated the impact Covid would have on the last two years. The students on the second year Extended Diploma art and design have embraced this challenge with creativity, imagination, determination and good spirits. Having experienced a significant part of their first year with limited access to studios and equipment, they tackled industry-level project briefs using whatever materials and resources they had at home. The second year began with the hope that they might explore their creative pathways accessing the full college’s facilities. Lo and behold they went back into lockdown at what is often the most crucial point in their creative journey. It was heartening to see them continue undeterred and produce their university portfolios and coursework with little change in pace. Much of the last few months has been conducted in preparing them for the first professional exhibitions. They ably demonstrated that they could produce and exhibit work commencing with the entirely digital Silent Gallery.  Returning to the studio they then had a very short space of time to conceive, produce and exhibit their first physical show despite the fact there was every chance the public would never be able to see it in person. This did not dissuade them from producing imaginative and thought-provoking pieces, showcasing the creative resilience and professionalism they have developed in these atypical times. It is testament to the dedication that the following work can at least be enjoyed in the digital realm.

We are delighted once again this year to have had Hereford College of Art support our learners’ progression into HE via their ‘One To Watch’ initiative. Tutors from their Fine Art, Graphics, Photography and Fashion/Textiles areas have judged entries from our corresponding courses and awarded those learners whose work shows potential for excellence beyond FE. Look out for the banners next to the recipients’ work who will also receive a book for their efforts. This recognition undoubtedly motivates learners to aspire to greater things.

Martin Doyle, lecturer, visual arts

Mina Akhtar

Interior Design – Living Room

Interior design of a spacious living room, home space. Targeted at those who love a spacious and comfortable living space with cultural, modern/contemporary design. I am interested in marbling and repeat work.

Naomi Celine Kennedy Armstrong

Time Passing

The passing of time and events are constant and is not altered for anyone. No one gets more or less time.

Eden Charlotte Beaven


You will never truly understand someone’s internal emotions

Adelina Briceva

Flow Of Life

We reflect ourselves on time which makes us regret afterwards that we dont have time to fulfil our small or big requests. As time passes we think about what we done in the past and how can we improve in the future but never do anything properly in the present.

Lisa Lorette Bullows


The way we see ourselves can be distorted, different to what others see and media can have a negative effect on this.

Hannah Louise Cole

How do you run from what’s inside your head?

This is my interpretation of Alice in Wonderland where the characters are on a tablecloth along with home-made scented candles that I feel remind me of these characters and the story in general.

Neve Dangerfield


Researching into adverts and the reality behind them inspired this range of clothing graphics for ‘Inverse’ – a new brand that celebrates both new and old.

Shannon Davies

Daylight Hours

What do people use to escape reality? With stress being a main point, most people try to escape by using things such as Music, Art or books.

Lauren Jane Evans


The fear of trusting others.

Holly Isabella Fellows

Protect Blue

My work is about showing the beauty of the world that we continue to destroy everyday through simple things. It raises awareness for all ages to get involved and learn how we can make a change. Because as Sylvia Earle said “Start with someone. Some “one.” And no one can do everything but everyone can do something”.

Lucy Graham

Ever Changing

From a shamanistic practice within the roots of both love and war, to now modern times it’s always been a show of self-expression.

Rosa Amora Hans

Mr Doe

I want to create a piece of work about the idea that no matter how small or insignificant a controversial topic may seem to some people it can completely change your perception of a person. I want people who view my piece to have a moment ambiguity and to challenge their own thoughts and develop new ways of thinking. 

Nicole Lane

Haunted Mansion

As an interior designer, I want to push the ‘scare maze / tour’ to a different level.

Emma Lee

Bright Side of the Moon

I’m learning to fall in love with the twilight, spent a lifetime trying to.

Alfie James Masters

Mahu Werk Room

For my project I looked at drag queens, taking into consideration the culture of Hawaii and how ‘mahu’ (the third gender) could be the future of drag.​

Cody Nock


Similarly to Muppet style characters in media, I have created a mascot to teach young children the creative side of recycling and how it helps the environment. Clutter, the Gryphon!

Jill O’Callaghan

Detachment from Reality

What if you over-thought until you can’t distinguish assumptions from reality? The lines between the real world and a fictitious world conjured from your mind becomes blurred. When you lose touch with the reality around you, the atmosphere can become sinister; plaguing your thoughts and emotions.

Emily O’Rourke

Speed Limit 165

“Those kids with their spray paint, God love ’em” A physical demonstration of trashy teenage rebellion & the ageing process.

Aimee Louise Simpson

Hidden Ocean

What we do impacts the ocean

Leo Slaidina

(Delusional) MASK

Set in the near future of 20XX, Morgan escapes to a world which they consider their perfect world

Kian Nathan Smith


A short film exploring how a sense of uneasiness can be achieved through sound and visuals. The character explores a forest that has a strange aura, causing him to get increasingly more paranoid as the film continues.

Stefania Ioana Sterian

Domus de Libris

Translating to “House of books”, the design is a reminder of where society began and that knowledge and learning are part of our fundamental growth as humans.

Shanikqua Stewart


My work is a visual representation of anxiety, and how it can feel isolating and take over your mind.

Kaiyan Swan

Concept Art

Developing my art skills to help me get better with my future in becoming a concept artist.

Alexandra Teed


What you wear never justifies ‘asking for it’.

Zoe Yasmin Thatcher

A Simple Pegasus

In the style of Kirigami, I have created a piece that combines the spiritual meaning of the Pegasus with the peacefulness and creative freedom that making an Origami piece provides.

Ellie Jayne Turner

A Closer Look

I want spread awareness of what anger is like in a creative way. Anger issues can cause severe mood swings and you can go from really angry to really happy quickly, I want to use masks to show this.

Marcielle Dyami Wade

Life’s Certainties

Currency’s deplete. Memories made. Human nature undefined. Built on others.

Aleksandra Wierzbicka

Is Industrial The New Modern?

In this project I worked to achieve a proposal / 3D model design for a living studio space. The reason why I chose a studio space is because when searching for a studio apartment online the square footage size is very miniature with almost no room to move around.

Eve Wilmot


Panic attacks suck. Simple as. They are humiliating and painful. For me my breathing speeds up and my heartbeat becomes all I can hear.