Evie Harper Gallery 2022


My FMP is a collection of images I shot on the theme of growth, I wanted this to be my final project as I feel I’ve not only grown as a person in the last couple of years but very much grown as a photographer in terms of skill and preferred styles/ aesthetics in my work.

My main aim behind this project was to really explore how people form emotional attachments to places, how they can act as triggers and how well you  get to know a person through a series of images.

My inspiration for this project was mainly inspired by Geloy Conception and his work for Vogue titled “Things you wanted to say but never did’’. The editing of the image to leave only a silhouette is something that really captivated me and is something I decided to put into this work. I did this because I think removing the subject of your image is a very bold thing to do; I also decided on this style of work as I don’t usually heavily edit my work in this way and wanted to explore something new.