Entry 3 Art and Design


Zoe Bennett

I decided to do a stop-motion animation because I wanted to challenge myself by doing something more involved and more practical than a painting. 

I used clay for the stop-motion animation because it was the most efficient material for movement. I also used it because it is easier to make models out of clay and the cost of materials is cheaper, I made the backgrounds out of paper because it would take too long to make a set. 

The backgrounds and colours used are meant to represent different emotions such as red for anger or blue for sadness. 

I was inspired to do the topic of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) because it interested me and I wanted to talk more about the mood disorder since it is not widely known about.

Ben Brant

The Mirror Knows You!

This design is all the sadness caused by discrimination that the LGBTQ community have been getting over the years.  

When people are talking about you, and they do not understand just remember the mirror knows how you are feeling. Know that one day you will be the big star that you will be. The sadness and the fear that is there now will be in the past when you are a super star.  

An old friend used to say, “Never Let Fare Strike You Out It Will Just Stop You from Playing the Game”.

Madeleine Darby

My thought was to help to raise awareness about endangered species of wildcats. My final piece is a drawing, of a half of two endangered Wildcat species, I thought this would be more interesting than doing two whole pictures. I used watercolour pencil crayons to blend the colours in and I made my drawing multicoloured, because it would be bright, bold and stand out nicely. 

Amelia Grainger

Autism is Like a Superpower

My work is based on Autism Awareness. I chose to do autism because I was diagnosed with it and I wanted to learn more about it. I learnt more about what makes me, me. To be proud of the differences of how my mind works and not thinking of myself as a hindrance. 

I did not get diagnosed with Autism until I was in secondary school and proof says that it is harder to tell in girls than it is in boys 1:4. I want people to look at autism as a superpower because everyone is on the autistic spectrum whether you need more help or not so much help in our lives.

Jason Jones

Blood, Sweat and Tusks

20,000 elephants every year get slaughtered. Daily elephants die of injury because of traps. They can live up to 70 years in their natural ecosystem. I wanted to raise awareness of this. 

Connor Perkins

The Gaming Triangle

This Artwork Project is about the gaming triangle. It’s all about the benefits of the positives and negatives of gaming. The colours represent common feelings about gaming. 

Yellow = Joyful, excited, creative  

Green= Powerful, aware, confident 

Orange = Scared, anxious, embarrassed. 

Within the options I’ve chosen creativity stress and rage – the effects of gaming.

Ginny Whitehouse

The Truth behind the Mask

My design is based on bullying – I want to emphasise the imagery from a personal point of view of what that person is feeling inside. I believe this will be an eye opener to the public, to show how bullies make that person feel inside and that words can hurt. 

The inspiration for the mask idea came from the No Tears Left to cry music video by Ariana Grande where she takes off the mask to show the truth that she’s not okay after what she experienced mentally.  That came up as an idea for bullying as I experienced bullying for who I was as a person. I listened to other people’s personal experiences and it just made me think that this needs to be addressed some way or another so I decided to do a painting based on this situation and so that people can relate to it.