Entry 3 Art and Design 2022


Faye Bennett

This is a painting of Dudley Fountain. I used greens, blues and reds to create a contrast. 

In September I would like to progress to Level 1 Media, because I want to learn how to do video editing and animation. 

Nancy Edebiri

In this project we are asked to design and make a product. I decided to create a Flamingo inspired clock.

When I finish this course, I will be progressing to level 1 art and design, I am looking forward to learning more about different artists and developing my skills in tonal shading. 

Kyle Ratcliffe

I have been exploring tie dye techniques, it’s fun to do and its relaxing. I like how the dye stains the fabric in an original and unique way.

In September I will be progressing to level 1 media as I want to learn about digital design and photography.

Shane Smith

This project is titled ‘What do you care about?’. I choose parrots because I like how colourful they are and I wanted to make people aware that some parrots are endangered. I decided to use acrylic paint so I could create the right colours of a parrot. 

Next year I will be progressing to level 1 art and design because I want to be a tattoo artist in the future. 

Wade Smith

This is a study of a cow skull. I chose this because I enjoy oddities and taxidermy and find the form of skulls interesting. I used a hatching style to add depth and texture making sure to add a sketch from every angle to properly understand the subject. In September I am progressing to Level 1 Art and Design.

Adela Trota

This project was called ‘Design and make’. I designed a series of dresses inspired by Dudley, its history, and people. I tried to do something special and somewhat difficult and to how capable I am. I searched the web on various topics about Dudley Town, for example: fossils, animals from the zoo, statues and maps of the Dudley. All of these inspired me to design this dress. 

Next year I will be progressing to Level 1 vocational media as I want to continue to develop my digital skills. In the future I want to work as a fashion designer. 

Otuya Ugboh

This project is called What do you care about? I choose the war in Ukraine. I made a anti war poster using hand drawn art and photoshop. 

In September I will be progressing to Level 1 Vocational media because I want to learn how to do animations.