Emily Hough Gallery 2022


Minds and Bodies of All Kinds

Only within recent years, people are beginning to become more educated and accepting about the disabled Community. Even then, there will always be discrimination, bullying. Within my project I wanted to express that having a disability, being neurodivergent isn’t inherently a ”bad thing”- media, movies, TV and general old stigmatization of this have prevented the normalization of having additional needs.

Living so closely, to people struggling with disabilities, its truly inspiring as a young photographer, I plan to capture respectful and creative images, interpreting a new side for this project.

I made my photos black and white, not only to add a sense of importance and reality to the images-  taking elysian from old black and white newspapers, how headlining articles and events photographed in monochrome.

But to also ensure a sense of fluidity in my project- linking all photos as one collection. Environmental portraiture was used mostly in this project, though I feel like some images have a sense of documentary- as I took unplanned images but later really loved the outcome- displaying my initial thought for this disability project.