Ellis Spencer Photography Gallery 2022


The general concept of my project was ocean pollution. This involved how waste and items change naturally through time and in the hands of humans. I wanted to discuss the relationship and interaction between the natural world specifically ocean life and human activity and how humans can affect it.

The whole of my project comes full circle about how humans are the ones creating this mess in every aspect of the way, like fishing, waste and not recycling, littering, and releasing gases into the air and oils into the ocean. Which is harming the ocean and its marine life. But also because of that human are getting affected themselves because animals are dying creating loss of creatures for fishing, loss of jobs for people who work alongside the ocean or do with the creatures inside it not in relation to saving it.

And they’re ruining the actual water which humans love and want to explore in and for in so the whole idea of humans killing the ocean is also destroying themselves as well.