Ellie Hampton: Artsfest 2021 Gallery


The Family Album

Photography is the best medium for remembering, conveying meaning and bearing witness to people and places, family and friends, past and present. Today we are bombarded by digital images. Nearly two-hundred years since its inception and despite its recent convergence with the world of high tech, photography remains our most important memory making medium. The family album has effectively become the family hard-drive or social media account. I attempt to re imagine and reconsider family photographs in a personal and contemporary way. So for my project I wanted to so how much environments change why we have to preserve these memories and print them so the future generations can look into the past and bond over the images with their family’s like I have spend with mine creating happy memories that will never be forgotten. I believe that these memories are already fading away so I would like for other to see this exhibition and realise the importance of this beautiful part of personal history.