Danielle Williams Gallery 2022


For my FMP I have decided to make it all about Body Positivity. I chose this for my final major project because when the body is mentioned in the media it is always from a negative perspective. Such as the media stating that we have dietary issues as some people are overweight or people are harming their bodies. I wanted to help create a culture of change by showing that people should be able to present their bodies in their own way and should not be ashamed by doing so. 

I found different examples of body shaming in the media, such as comments made on social media, such as ‘’he let himself go’’ and ‘’disgusting, ugly woman.’’ Why, in 2022 are we still commenting on people’s bodies and how they present themselves? 

My aim for my project is to show people that it is okay to be different, to have bodies that do not always conform to the cultural stereotypes of the ‘model’. I want to encourage everyone to be proud of themselves, their bodies and who they are. 

Bodies that are bigger, have stretch marks and have short or long hair on their bodies should be acceptable, and not instantly judged. My work aims to show others that the people I am photographing do not follow stereotypes and that is okay to do.