Daisy Lili Guy


With past work created I tended to rely on techniques and processes that were familiar to me. A recent project encouraged me to take greater risks by exploring and investigating new ways of working and combining materials so that unexpected results could be celebrated.

The success of this enabled me to reflect on my earlier works to realise that working in safe ways would not enable me to grow as a designer. ​For my FMP I decided to investigate a starting point that I felt would allow me to explore drawings and design work as broadly as possible. I have collected road signs and objects connected to the streets for quite a while.

These artefacts were found on my travels and were either discarded or damaged and left as waste. I found them quite intriguing objects in that they had a purpose to either direct or inform commuters during their journey and were designed in a minimalist way. This was in stark contrast to the actual journey me and others made on the roads which at times were busy and chaotic.

I used these objects as a reference point for my initial drawings and found ways, through creative experimental and textile play, to create an outcome that celebrated road signs and symbols.