Daisy Hill: Photography Gallery


Project Title: Solitude

My personal investigation, titled ‘Solitude’, explored the multi-layered nature loneliness, and how we as people can either enjoy being within our own company, or we can suffer from being isolated and alone. Through a varied use of image techniques, and overall, two separate styles, I have been able to convey these different feelings to my audience.

I have used both studio and street photography to communicate these opposing sides of Solitude visually, by experimenting with clear, crisp and contrasted styles to represent the way in which people are happy being by themselves. On the other hand, my use of a murkier, darker approach helped me to convey the struggle that can come with being alone. The grainier the image, the more this idea of negativity was expressed, and the brighter and more contrasted the image, the more this sense of daily life and optimism was conveyed.

As I am finishing college, I am going pursue a career in Photography or the Digital Arts.