Courtney Westwood Photography Gallery 2022


My intention for my project was to successfully gain confidence towards street photography as a whole and find selective and unique elements to introduce to my work to take it that one step further and make it my own as well as being influenced by other photographers works. Exploring the way in which different cities and towns behave, comparing the buildings and the social aspects of the areas.

I experimented with various skills and qualities to present strong photographs that capture my intentions. A skill that will be important to investigate is composition, Tone, and space. This will allow me to navigate and explore different areas and create a more interesting and in-depth image, this could be a focus towards what I would like to capture. The concept I had in mind was to begin with simply taking photography shoots locally and almost experimenting with the initial idea of what I could see on a day-to-day basis. This allowed me to find what I was most interested in when it came to street photography as a broad perspective.

My intentions were to create prints similarly to Rauschenberg’s work and to be influenced in such a way to layer and build up images using my photographs of street photography to create unique and intriguing outcomes. Using similar techniques such as printing, brush stroke and layering through my works. This includes using cyanotypes and screen printing processes with my photographs.