Computer Games Design 2023



How do you build a computer game from the ground up? This course shows you how. The work showcased demonstrates how young designers and artists at Dudley College have challenged the parameters of game design to present original and imaginative solutions for 2D and 3D game outcomes.

Learners are challenged to ‘think outside of the box’ to explore and question conventions within the world of games design. The course provides learners with the opportunity to creatively develop dynamic conceptual outcomes, while working with industry-standard design and production applications.

Students produce a wide range of game related ideas, from creating and developing proposals for intriguing game play and challenging game mechanics, to learning how to visualise, design and build digital characters for game deployment. The learners also get the opportunity to imaginatively craft and sculpt 3D environments and worlds. The use of industry-standard software is at the core of what we offer.

Programmes such as 3D Studio Max, Unreal Engine 4, World Machine, Mudbox, Z Brush, Qiuixel Suite, Crazy Bump, Visual Studio, GameMaker Studio are embedded throughout the projects our learners undertake. As part of the creative aspect of the course, we encourage our learners to become keen practitioners in areas of conceptual illustration, using applications such as Photoshop and Sketchbook to visually portray aspects of their imagination. I hope that you enjoy viewing and watching examples of their work.

Who knows? In a few years, you could be playing one of their games . . .

John Jones, Computer Games Design Course Tutor

HNC Games Design

Remel Allen

HND Games Design

Dylan Carroll & Ethaniel Hickman-Wright

Adam Fletcher

William Pennington

Fynley Williams

BTEC Level 3 Year 1

In-Game Footage

In-Game Footage by Callum Cartwright

Sprite Sheets

Toka Abdelaziz

Callum Cartwright

Selina Russell-Doggett

Yasin Mohammed

Lee Raybould

Jay Sharp

Serenity Smith

BTEC Level 3 Year 2

Joshua Adams

Ruin – Beta Test Gameplay UE5 Game Demo

Charles Bond

Adam Fletcher

Oliver Hanson

Gregory Nunn

Marcel Stankiewicz

Lewis Taylor

Zachary Taylor

Operation Doomsday Gameplay Walkthrough

Owen Tonks