Chloe Lowther Best Six Images


For my Creative Independent project, I’ve set myself the challenge to take as many landscape pictures as possible and edit them for an online showcase called “Artsfest”, at the end of the year. The images include landscapes of fields, nature, the beach and caravan sites, with seagulls and loads of trees surrounding them, representing Weymouth, the holiday resort.

The reason I chose to do landscapes for my project is purely because I have a strong connection to nature and like to feel close to rivers and trees, as they weirdly make me feel somewhat comforted and safe. Just to be able to stand in the sea gave me the sense of relaxation as hearing the waves, birds and sounds of children playing in the sand, made me feel very calm.

I also felt very brave and confident afterwards. The research I’ve completed includes Martin Parr and Peter Mckinnon, because they make pictures based on landscapes and people in those landscapes, to make it feel more natural. The artist who’s inspired me the most has to be Martin Parr.